Manage your pigeons and lofts with ease

Online pedigree application

Easy to view and maintain a pedigree with pictures

Import certified results data from

Tablet and smartphone support


Online pedigree application

Pedigree.Live is a cloud-based online pedigree application from BENZING allowing you the possibility to view and maintain pigeons and pedigrees from anywhere, including your tablet and smartphone. It is very user friendly with a neat User Interface making pigeon pedigree management a simple task for all. In conjunction with MyPigeons.Live, you are able to import accurate certified race results into your pedigrees. Pedigree.Live also includes lots of additional functionality to make the management of your pigeons so easy.





PEDIGREE.LIVE helps you to manage your pigeons and loft with ease

Easy Pigeon Maintenance

The pedigree function allows for a quick and easy way to add and maintain individual pigeon records. You can also add various details while editing the pigeon, like Name, Breeder, Strain as well as pictures (even with your smartphone while you are in your loft). Pedigree.Live also allows you to view several pigeons at the same time with either a tiled or list view, all contained within a neat user interface.

Add breeding information easily

You can pair up pigeons and record various details about the mating, record notes and even assign a pair to a nest box. With a simple button press you can add offspring to the mated pair. You also have the option to view progeny produced by the pair or individually from the selected Sire or Dam.

Detailed Reports and much more information available

Various reports will be available including the ability to produce a Vaccination certificate showing which birds have been vaccinated and detailing the vaccine used.

Easy import of certified pedigree from

Pedigree.Live allows for the importing of external data like MyPigeons.Live, allowing certified and authentic results to be displayed in the pedigree data. It also supports data import into Pedigree.Live from a few selected pedigree programs currently used worldwide.

Overview of the Pedigrees

Pedigree.Live currently has the ability to display two levels of pedigree (3rd or 4th generation) as well as the option to highlight selected boxes in a chosen colour. You also have the option to preview the pedigree before printing. Pedigree.Live will also introduce additional templates with future releases to suit the fanciers needs.


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