Combination of live and chip ring

Two parts - BENZING iCom ring and the BENZING iCom chip

The Life Ring is prepared with a small built-in compartment for the iCom chip

Saves on weight and also looks neat and elegant.


With its market-leading technology, BENZING has been able to offer a special combination ring for pigeon racing since 1995.

Our solution consists of two parts, the BENZING iCom ring the BENZING iCom chip.

iCom Ring

This ring is our Life Ring with a small built-in compartment for the iCom chip. This not only saves on weight and costs. but looks neat and elegant.

iCom Chip

For greater cost savings, the chip can be easily separated from the ring and transferred to another racing pigeon.

The chip is based on the Hitag-S technology from Philips and is compatible with all BENZING systems.

  • Dimensions 6.8 mm to 8.2 mm
  • Several colors are available
  • Example coding: “GCH 001” to “GCH 100” “CHICAGO 0001” to “7000 CHICAGO” “ARPU 0” to “80,000 ARPU”


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