The next generation pigeon clock

Swiss quartz clock unit ensures unbeatable precision in race registration (1/1000 second)

Our fastest, highest performing processor to date (up to 10x faster than the trusted BENZING M1)

Manage up to 10,000 pigeons and multiple fanciers

Enjoy high-speed connection to BENZING Live!


No.1 Pigeon Clock worldwide

The launch of the BENZING M3 gives passionate pigeon fanciers worldwide even more reasons to love the world’s number one, most trusted pigeon clock.

The combination of our super-fast processor with high precision Swiss quartz clock unit (up to 1/1000 of a second) makes the BENZING M3 the most accurate clock on the market for the registration of your arrivals.

We also know you need a device that’s easy to set up and enjoyable to use.

The BENZING M3 has a perfectly-designed user interface with an extra-large full colour touchscreen display, that makes menu navigation easy.

All this ground-breaking technology is enclosed in a sleek and highly robust aluminium housing that feels great to handle.

Get ready to upgrade to first class with the BENZING M3 – unbeatable performance and precision for the global pigeon race community.


Our highest specification pigeon clock to date

Enjoy the M3 as part of a full suite of race technologies that perform perfectly together

Advanced technology that’s primed for the future of the sport

Extra large colour display

Easily view and tap into your race data with our large color screen

Easy operation with touch screen

The M3 offers our largest touchscreen design to date, with large buttons

Management of up to 10,000 pigeons and several breeders

The M3 can be used by the independent pigeon fancier or by larger operations that need to manage thousands of pigeons

High performance processor (up to 10x faster than the BENZING M1)

While the M1 still offers an exceptional price to function ratio, the M3 offers our most advanced processor to date, with a speed that’s 10 times greater than the M1

Swiss quartz clock unit for highest registration accuracy (1/1000 second)

Never be in doubt about loft timings. With the M3 you benefit from the most accurate time recording system on the market

High speed connection to BENZING Live!

Enjoy the fastest communication with your BENZING Live! data with our improved, high powered cable connection

Connect up to 64 SPEED and PLB antennas

With the BENZING M3, you can now connect up to 5 times the amount of antennas compared to the average pigeon clock system. No need to buy multiple clocks – our clock has you covered!

Advanced loft diagnostics

Convenient monitoring and functional testing of rings and antennas. Holding the ring tester or single chip ring over the antenna, you can check all parts of the system are functioning correctly in a matter of seconds – both before and during the race.

Built-in loud speakers and additional audio socket

Never miss the arrival announcement for your race pigeon. The BENZING M3 has its own built-in speaker so you can hear the information over the crowd. Need more audio? Simply connect an external speaker to the clock.

USB-C interface for data transmission and updating

Using a simple USB easily upload and download your data through the device

Pigeon speed on the display

Easily track pigeon velocity on-screen

Up to 80 flights possible at the same time

Enjoy a greater capacity for simultaneous flight monitoring

Live transmission of arrival data from each pigeon to the site when BENZING Live! is used

BEZNING Live! is our real-time cloud-based platform that connects pigeon race data worldwide. The M3 connects perfectly with this revolutionary new online system.


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