The Revolution in Pigeon Sport

The BENZING M1 clocking device uniquely combines the simplest operation with technological complexity, and in this respect is therefore a revolutionary development of pigeon clocks. Rubberised keys, an extra large LED display and a revolutionary “self-help” user guidance system: With these features, the BENZING M1 will inspire enthusiasm in all pigeon fanciers who value simple and logical operation of their clock.


Up to 1.000 pigeons

64 antennas

80 simultaneous flights

4 fancier

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Unique and simple user guidance

Easy to learn menu guidance system allows you to concentrate on enjoying pigeon racing.

Extra-large display for clear legibility

The display is double the size of that in the atis TOP in order to provide even more information for the fancier.

Management of up to 1,000 pigeons and 4 fanciers

BENZING M1 can handle up to 1,000 pigeons simultaneously while up to four fanciers can share the clock. Each fancier can independently access the data for his own pigeons and in the club the BENZING M1 behaves as if each fancier had his own clocking device. New in 2005: Every fancier can set the BENZING M1 in the club from single to multi-fancier mode.

USB allows convenient transfer of statistical data to the PC at home

USB-interface for connection to a PC to read out the last race and training flights. This data can be processed on the PC, printed out or imported into other programs. The interface is open and we will support any developer who wishes to use this data.

High performance, state-of-the-art 32-bit processor with 16 Mbytes of RAM

The electronic system used is setting standards for the future and has 10 times the computing power of comparable competitor products. The high computing power results directly in a faster and more reliable processing of arrival times. In addition to this, the BENZING M1 is prepared for all future requirements of the associations.

Easy software update

The software in the BENZING M1 can be easily updated by every fancier himself.

Genuine antenna- and ring test

The fancier can easily test all antennae himself. This is even possible directly before the arrival of the pigeons.

Pigeon velocity on display

The start times for every flight can be entered in order to display the current flight speed of each pigeon. A special feature of the BENZING M1 is the “countdown” of the speed on the display. This maximises the excitement when the speed approaches the expected value.

Information input and output without mains connection (battery powered)

The BENZING M1 can also be used on the road without a mains connection. All flight results can be called up simply and quickly at any time. And if you want to, you can name the pigeons from your favourite chair or li-lo without electric cables.

Up to 64 Lazer (PLB) antennae can be connected

Improved recognition of all connected antennae with a rapid turbo start if the number of antennae doesn’t change


  • 1x DB15(F) to connect the antenna cable
  • 1x USB for PC
  • 1x Power connection


Prospekt BENZING M1 deutsch

Download 1.16 MB

Leaflet BENZING M1 english

Download 1.14 MB


Here you’ll find all software, manuals, declarations of conformity and answers to the frequently asked questions

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