BENZING G2 Antenna

The antenna system with double the security

High speed clocking and wide reading range

Available with 1, 2 or 4 reading fields (sensor coils) on one G2 antenna

1 field G2 antennas can be arrange directly next to each other

Suitable for BENZING Express G2, BENZING M3 or BENZING M1 System

BENZING G2 Antenna


The BENZING G2 Antennas are our family of three antennas designed to work in harmony with the BENZING Express G2 and BENZING M3/M1 pigeon clocks.

They combine all the advanced technology you’d expect from a BENZING antenna, with the extra benefits of our popular BENZING Express G2 system.


Status display LED for function tests

Based on the state-of-the-art PLB technology

Available in 3 sizes

Available in 3 sizes – 1field, 2 field and up to 4 reading fields (sensor coils)

Suitable for use with both the BENZING Express G2 and BENZING M1

Status LED display

Wide reading range

Flat slimline panel of only 2.7cm height

Splash water resistant

Available in three sizes: 56 x 26 cm, 15 x 19 cm, and 28cm x 25.8cm

Leaflet BENZING Express G2 english

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  • 1x DB9(F)
  • 1x DB9(M)


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